The Artistic Journey So Far...

Rachael Leigh Anderson has been drawing and creating art for as long as she can remember. Flowers, horses, Pokemon, and Sailor Moon were early favorites; however, when she was twelve, Rachael discovered superhero comics and became obsessed. She devoured entire back issue runs, learned every fact she could, went to conventions with her portfolio, and drew comics of her own. She even briefly took the Joe Kubert Comics Correspondence Course. 

At 15, she attended Harrison High School of the arts, during which time her work earned her two best in show awards and an illustration award with the county museum. After school, she began working as a freelance cartoonist at Robot Cowboy Studios. She worked mainly on comic text books, but eventually moved on to creating her own webcomic, Worsted For Wear. After her webcomic ended, she went back to school through Watts Online with a desire to learn how to paint and illustrate. Watts Atelier Online completely changed how she viewed her own work. She found a more child-like fairy tale theme reveal itself in her sketchbooks and personal projects and realized that this is what she wanted to do with her art.

Rachael is equally comfortable painting fairies and unicorns as she is drawing super heroes and monsters. What's important to her is imagination and fun--whether it's through a children's book, comic, or a single illustration.  She is interested in exploring the optimistic, hopeful, and determined side of humanity in her work.